Forex Market Analysis – Technical, Fundamental, Sentiment Analysis Pros & Cons

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Forex Market Analysis – Technical, Fundamental, Sentiment Analysis Pros & Cons

In order to get success in forex market, you must need to show dedication in learning forex analysis on the market. Because this will surely help you make the right decision on trades and will get you a positive and reliable outcome. Therefore, you should always consider forex trading analysis while trading in forex. Each and every forex trader has different trading style and personality which requires different analysis as well.

There are 3 types of forex market analysis which are very popular and involved in all types of strategies. Traders use these technique according to their requirements. They use one of the three forex analysis mostly but often they use a combination of two or three different analysis. In this article, we will help you to explore the three most commonly used forex market analysis which are Technical , Fundamental and Sentiment analysis so that you can use them to create your trading strategy in forex.

Talking Points

Forex traders will always have a preference in forex analysis for one specific forex market analysis over another to forecast the movements of the forex market by analyzing the trends. This is perfectly acceptable and performed by many traders all over the world. But you need to use your preferred market analysis in a manner so that it can work for your particular trading strategy. Though most of the traders choose a specific forex market analysis, but still the best traders possess the ability to combine all three forex trading analysis to shape up their trading strategy.

There are many ways to analyze the forex market and its trades to find out the right trades and to forecast their movements as well by using these three forex trading analysis. You can use the fundamental analysis to give a checking on long-term economic direction in a bigger picture. At the same time, you can follow this up by using the technical analysis to pinpoint your entry in the market. At last, considering the market sentiment you have to make sure of the fact that you won’t be affected by any changing tide.

This article will help you get the separate concept of the three most popular daily forex research techniques known as Fundamental, Technical Analysis, and Sentiment Analysis. It will also offer you technical indicators which can certainly help you find the right forex market analysis for yourself or let you combine the best two.

The 3 Most Popular Types of Forex Market Analysis

You are already familiar with these 3 most popular types of analysis. So, now we will elaborate these forex research one by one so that you can get the complete picture and use it according to your will in the forex market.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis trading is most popular in forex market and thousands of forex traders use this technique to trade forex market. To execute this type of trading, you must be acknowledged of analysis. Usually fundamental analysis roam around the interest rate of the currency. And interest rates play a vital role and put a sizeable effect as well on the forex market. So, the importance of fundamental analysis is impeccable. Some of the key analysis tools are: inflation, gross domestic product, economic growth activity, and manufacturing. Releases from the other fundamentals may be good or bad but it is not as much important as how these releases can affect that certain country’s interest rate in forex.

Traders while reviewing and analyzing all the types of fundamental analysis releases, a traders should be aware of the fact that they can affect the future movement of the interest rates. Whenever the investors will get into a risk-taking mode, money will follow the currencies which offer a greater interest rate and greater rates will require more investment as well. But when the investors will be in a risk-adverse mode, then the money will leave the yield for safe-haven currency pairs.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis works looking and finding the technical analysis chart patterns in the price history of the trades in forex so that it can determine the probable time and place to enter into a trade and exit out of a trade. Therefore, technical analysis for long term investment is one of the most popular types of market analysis. Movements in the technical analysis charts which is gathered from the price-action usually provides clues and hints about the levels of supply and demand which are generally hidden.

Technical analysis for beginners follows the same pattern as for dummies. Other technical analysis for dummies can be done using the technical indicators because they are preferred by the best forex technical analysis throughout the world. The main reason behind the overwhelmed popularity of these technical indicators among the traders all over the world is because of their signals, they are very easy to read and therefore trading becomes simpler. To become the best forex technical analysis, a trader has to acquire knowledge of technical analysis from a to z.

A widely debated topic in forex is between the fundamental and technical analysis on which one is the best analysis technique? Though there is no specific right answer to that question but yet traders find their own answer according to their trading style and analysis and choose the best one for them or a combination of two or three in their technical research charts. So, both the fundamental and technical analysis are useful for the traders in forex.

Sentiment Analysis

Forex sentiment analysis is the last name of this list but this is another great form of analysis. You can easily do and maintain using forex sentiment analysis in your trading. When you see the sentiment of the traders are overwhelmingly positioned towards a single direction, then you have to understand the majority of traders have committed for that position already. Let’s take an example to get a better view on this topic. Suppose, an overwhelming number of forex traders and forex investors are bullish the Euro in the currency market. They also think that the Euro is going higher to a single direction. As the traders need to vote with their trades, so you can assess that the EUR/USD forex sentiment analysis shows a majority of the traders are buyers in this specific currency pair.

As we know there are a huge number of traders who have already bought that specific pair, then all these buyers become a future supply of sellers. We are able to predict that because eventually they will want to close the trade one day for sure which makes the EUR to USD vulnerable to a strong pull back at the forex market. But this can happen only if the buyers turn around and sell the trades to close out their trades from the market. Experienced traders will analyze forex sentiment analysis as well as retail sentiment at the institution level.

How to Apply Forex Market Analysis to Your Trades

Apart from using a single or a combination of two forex market analysis, traders can also use and utilize a combination of all three popular types of analysis. To do so you need to follow these steps:

  • Using the different types of fundamental analysis to identify the long term trends
  • Using the daily forex technical analysis to pin-point the ideal entry points which can accompany the indicators
  • Using the client sentiment as the final check of the box before getting into the trade.

Now we will provide you in-depth details on how to analyze the trends and currency pairs of forex market by using these forex trading fundamental analysis as follows:

Using the fundamental analysis forex to identify the long term trends

When you will analyze the GDP of a country, you will get an insight on the inflation rate and the interest rate which can provide you the idea about the strength of that country’s economy and their currency. Let’s have an example to get a better idea: if the UK starts an interest rate on hiking cycle, then the Pound will look appealing. If enough amount of traders and investors buy Pound, then this will certainly prop up the value of the Pound.

Using the daily forex technical analysis to pin-point the ideal entry points which can accompany the indicators

Utilizing technical analysis patterns and multiple timeframe analysis in forex and an indicator like the Relative Strength Index (RDI) or MACD as technical analysis tools, traders can get an upper hand spotting ideal entries into the forex market.

Using the client sentiment as the final check of the box before getting into the trade

Traders can analyze client sentiment in two ways, either by observing both long and short trader’s net number or trading the difference between net short or long movements. Retails clients or traders usually tend to trade against the prevailing trades which makes client sentiment a contrarian indicator in the market.

So, these are the ways in which you can utilize these 3 most popular forex analysis for your own benefits in the forex market.

Final Thoughts

These three types of forex market analysis are actually like a standing three-legged stool. If any of the leg is weak anyhow, the stool will break and you will fall. The same theory and result apply for trading as well. This stool will represent you as a forex trader in the market and utilizing them properly will keep all the legs strong enough to carry the weight of your trading. If your stool doesn’t break, you will keep making profits in the market. Three of the types of market analysis including fundamental , sentiment and technical analysis explained thoroughly in this article.

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